This course introduces students with significant stages of the development of Kyrgyz Literary traditions and its role in shaping/representing society and culture. Lecture and seminar  topics include, among others, Oral literature and akyn’s poetry ; Professionalization of  Kyrgyz Literature under Socialism, The impact of  Socialist Realism method on the Language and Mission of the literature, Crisis of Socialist Realism and modernization trends in 1960s, “Manas” vs Soviet: debates between Aitmatov and Tokombaev, the struggle for freedom of individual conscience and writer's moral dilemmas in Soviet and post-Soviet society. Students will read and discuss excerpts from  “Manas” epic, Zamanist akyn’s poetry, A.Osmonov’s poetry, Women's poetry,Ch. Aitmatov’s, T.Kasymbekov’s, K.Jusubaliev’s, K. Akmatov’s, S.Rayev’s  prozes , . Class meetings will combine lectures, seminar discussions and meetings with Kyrgyz writers, poets, literary critics.