Course description:

Intensive Academic English is a two-semester, 6-credit course designed to improve students’ language skills and build their knowledge of advanced grammar and vocabulary. It focuses on accuracy and fluency with an integrated skills curriculum that aims at developing the four language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students will have a chance to not only be acquainted with the grammatical structures, but also conduct analysis searching for these structures in the reading texts and use them in different types of writing assignments, articles, reviews, and essays. At the same time, it aims at teaching various writing structures and vocabulary specific to Academic English.

Objectives of the course

·         To understand spoken English by listening to recordings of short and long conversations

·         To read academic passages and answer questions related to the reading

·         To expand academic vocabulary through reading and deep processing activities

·         To write grammatically correct short and long essays

Learning outcomes:

·         Use grammatical structures to accurately and effectively express ideas

·         Identify grammatical errors and correct them

·         Locate and comprehend the main ideas & important details in reading passages in Advanced English and be able to infer the meanings of new words from the context

·         Understand spoken information and identify main ideas and supporting details in listening materials