The writing course is designed to prepare for the written exam or the STATUS EXAM where you write an essay after selecting one of the topics proposed. The student will have to demonstrate skills such as in-depth knowledge of the subject, comprehension of the selected subject, ability to convey meaning from the original sources, and critical study of problems. The writing of the essay includes knowledge of terminology and appropriate structure, ability to develop the plan, identify the problem, maintain a particular position, analyze, compare, write the introduction and conclusion and other skills. All this is not done improvisely, a prior preparation is necessary. The writing will consist of a series of successive phases that allow the student to learn to write in a logical way. We will go from the most elemental to the most complex. It is also given importance to the intercommunicative context, understood as such interaction and the balance that must exist between the writer, the recipient, the subject and the purpose of the writing. The message that is transmitted in writing will change, both in its content and in its form, according to that context.
You have to learn to analyze, argue and compare. We summarize the grammatical forms necessary for this type of activity: highlighting the comparison, the expression of the opposition and the concession, past and future times.