During the recent decades, ethnicity and nationalism turned to be important issues in social and political sciences. Conflicts and revolts have been inspired by ethnic and national sentiments. Ethnic nations have been threatening the integrity of multiethnic states, while ethnic conflicts have been disturbing the world order. On the other hand, the ethnic and cultural revival in the young newly established states made ethnicity and nationalism an important source of identity. More people have identified themselves with a particular ethnicity or nation.

The course will discuss the basic definitions, theories and approaches in the study of nationalism and ethnicity. It will explore the relationship between ethnicity and nationalism, on the one hand, and racism, democracy and state, on the other. The course will address the origins of ethnic stratification and ethnic relations, the types of nationalism, ethnic nationalism, ethnic conflicts, the ways of their prevention and resolution, and finally the confrontation that emerges in the relationship between ethnicity/nationalism and globalization.

The knowledge and skills obtained during the course will help students to be tolerant while living in multiethnic societies and facing ethnic groups, cultures, nations different from their own.