Recently more people have identified themselves with a particular ethnic group. Ethnicity became an important source of identity. On the other, ethnic groups have threatened the integrity and security of multiethnic states, while ethnic conflicts disturbed the world order.

The course will discuss definitions, methods and main approaches to the study of ethnicity and ethnic identity, ethnic stratification and ethnic relations in multiethnic states. It will explore the relationship between ethnicity and culture, ethnicity and race, ethnicity and nationalism, ethnicity and democracy. The course will discover the origins of ethnic conflicts, the ways of its prevention and resolution, and finally the contradiction existing between ethnicity and globalization.

The knowledge and skills obtained during the course will be helpful in understanding and evaluating the situations with ethnicity in various multiethnic countries.


Oral Participation:                                                                25 %

2 Short Papers (2-3 pp):                                                      20 %

In- class mid term exam:                                                     15 %

Presentation:                                                                        10 %

Final paper and presentaion  (5-6 pp):                        30 %