Course Description

This course is the second part of the Data Journalism concentration which will be taught over four terms, and will introduce students to data storytelling techniques. Subsequently, students will learn how to verify data sources for a story, how to organize a data journalism process and how to develop a hypothesis and questions. The course includes analysis of case studies that will demonstrate the use of data analysis in journalism. Apart from this, we will also practice technical data journalism skills during the seminars performing data analysis in Excel. All these skills will be applied during the term on the real projects.

A look at the relationship between media society and culture by looking at historical context and applying it to present and future situations.

In our increasingly visual global society, visual literacy is more important than ever. This course will help you develop your visual literacy skills to make you a more informed reader of images. This is essentially a theoretical/analytical course, but it has a practical purpose. Just as reading texts is a critical part of preparing to be a writer, reading images is essential to becoming an adept producer of compelling images in journalism, public relations, or entertainment.